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This site is dedicated to showcasing a collection of original artwork created by Adam Bota, featuring a range of pieces from his original painting to his most recent showing.
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Ann Arbor native Adam Bota had an eye for figures as early as the age of two when the toddler’s mother discovered him meticulously cutting out pictures of women from his father’s magazines.


That innocent interest in the female form evolved into a passion for figure drawing and illustrations that speaks for itself as soon as you lay eyes on his work.


Although Adam’s mother enrolled him in art classes when she first noticed the tot’s creative gifts, his love for sports won out and Adam would do anything to skip his art classes. In fact, it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he took his first art class and his natural talents became undeniable.


After high school, Adam enrolled in Washtenaw Community College where he studied business and marketing. Quickly frustrated by the constraints of graphic design, his hunger to conceptualize an original piece of art from start to finish and bring it to life deepened. Thus, Adam completed the school year and sought the true “college life” at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City.


It was at NMC — after switching his major from graphic design to fine art — that Adam fell in love with figure drawing. There he took his first painting class, and completed Reflections, his first original piece of artwork. After a year at NMC, Adam made his final transfer to Eastern Michigan University where he became fully committed to his degree and completed his BFA in 1999.


Much of Adam’s personal style developed through the art history classes he took during his college career.


He became heavily influenced by the 19th-century impressionist movement and cites Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Franz Hals and Marcel Duchampe as his most inspiring artists. He also found inspiration in the transition of movements from Realism to Impressionism, then on to Cubism and finally to Ultra Realism. Because his art history classes offered him a bird’s eye view of the shift in colors used during these periods, Adam was able to capture the essence of contrasting colors to express powerful emotion.


It has been Adam’s lifelong goal to create a substantial body of work representative of his personal style to share with the general public. Portrait and landscape paintings large and small comprise Adam’s collection, and he uses acrylic on canvas. The beauty and creativity of the pieces are always unique because Adam has a special knack for creating art through his genuine love of the craft.



“Visually stunning”


“A mind-blowing explosion of colors and content!”


“I am truly blown away by this work”


“The colors and shadowing are stunning”


“Adam’s eye is uniquely dark and sensual. A fantastic display of interesting and creative subjects, colors and contrasts. Bravo!”


“I love the lines of Adam’s pieces, the way they fill the space not only with paint, but with my eyes that return again and again to travel their paths”




Adam is devoted to supporting local business owners, and rotates his work throughout the community at different establishments. Currently, you will find his work on display at the Alley Bar, a small locally owned bar that specializes in hand crafted artisanal cocktails. The showcase includes a collection of some of his largest bodies of work, including his original painting Reflections, to his most recent work, Spicy K. Check back frequently to see where he will display next!
  • Alley Bar, 112 W. Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Currently, Adam creates 5 paintings a year, all commissioned, each requiring about 40 hours to complete. Please contact him via email if you are interested in an original piece of work, or a print from his repertoire.


Adam Bota


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